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Energy Resources
With energy prices increasing, there are a number of web sites devoted to helping you find ways to cut your energy use. Here are some of our favorites:


Click here to see FAQs regarding SLV REC electric rates, including information on the demand rate.

How do I obtain service?

Please visit our Get Service page for information on obtaining SLVREC service.

How does the free weatherization program work?

SLVREC's Energy Foundation and GEO's Weatherization Program work with local weatherization agencies throughout the state to provide free weatherization services to Colorado residents. Qualified homeowners or renters can apply for these services by contacting their local weatherization agency. Visit our weatherization and energy savings programs page for more information.

Questions About Tree Trimming? 

Please follow the link for additional information. Tree trimming information.

Questions About the AMI Meters?

 For further information please visit


Can I pay my bill online?

Yes. Visit our online bill pay page here.

Where can I pay my bill?

In addition to making a payment through the mail, online, over the phone or in person at SLVREC's office in Monte Vista, you can also make a payment at any of the following banks: First Southwest Bank. Branches in Alamosa, Center, Del Norte and Saguache all accept payments. Community Banks: Branches in Alamosa, Antonito, Center, Crestone, Del Norte, La Jara, Moffat, Monte Vista, San Luis, South Fork, and Saguache all accept payments.Miners & Merchants Bank in Creede accepts payments.

What if my power goes out?

First check your fuses or breakers. Make sure they are all on. If you find a problem with the fuses or breakers, you will need to contact a local electrician for repairs. Any equipment beyond the member's meter is the responsibility of the member.

If you determine that your fuses and breakers are okay, check with your neighbors to see if their power is off. When you call the office to report an outage, please provide your name, address, phone number and any information you might have on what may have caused the outage. In most cases we will attempt to call back to confirm that your power has been restored.

It is important that you call the cooperative directly. Please do not tie up emergency responder lines at police or fire departments to report an outage unless the outage has been created by or is creating a life-threatening emergency. If our crews are requested to respond to such an outage and the problem is on the member's side of the meter, the member may be billed the actual cost of labor and overhead.

Report outages 24 hours a day! 719-852-3538 or 800-332-7634

Why do I have to pay a wires and maintenance charge each month?

Every account at SLVREC must pay a wires and maintenance charge each month-even if you have no use on your account. This fee covers fixed maintenance costs for the substations and power lines and poles that provide your service. This fee makes it possible for you to have electric service at your home or business.

What is a cooperative?

A cooperatives is a type of business organization. Co-ops are member-owned and democratically controlled. Unlike other types of businesses, cooperatives are not managed by a board of shareholders in a distant location. Cooperatives are locally owned and locally controlled. More information on cooperatives, SLVREC's board of directors, SLVREC's annual meeting and other topics can be found in the About Us section of this web site.

Can I choose who provides my electric service?

At this time, Colorado has not deregulated the electric utility industry. You may not choose your utility provider. Service territory maps are available at SLVREC's office if you would like to verify the utility who serves a specific location.

I want to talk to SLVREC about their service. Who can I speak to besides the customer service representatives?

As a cooperative, each and every member has a voice through the cooperative's elected board of directors. If you have a comment, good or bad, contact the board member for the service territory in which you reside. You can find contact information for all of the cooperative's directors on page 2 of each issue of the cooperative's newsletter, The Newsboy. If you prefer to contact the cooperative via email, send your message to Place a directive in the subject line of your message so that the message can be directed to the appropriate individual.

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