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Surge Protection

SLVREC sells a variety of excellent point of service surge protection products. All surge protection equipment is available to both members and non members.

Light Emmitting Diode (LED)/Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL)

LED and CFL lighting uses less electricity than regular incandescent bulbs. According to the Energy Star web site, swapping out incandescent bulbs in the five highest-use fixtures in your home with LEDs and CFLs can make a significant difference in your energy bill and in our nation's carbon dioxide emissions.

SLVREC has a CFL bulb recycling program to reduce landfill contamination. 

Electric Thermal Storage Heaters

Electic Thermal Storage (ETS) heaters charge ceramic bricks with heat inside a super-insulated chamber when wholesale power rates are their lowest. Then, the heaters release this stored heat throughout the day when it is needed. Because the heaters don’t charge when wholesale electric rates are at their highest, the cooperative pays less for the power the heaters use. SLVREC passes this savings on to members. Members who use ETS heaters as their primary heat source are billed for their electric use based upon the time of that usage. For additional infomation on ETS heaters please click here for product information. ETS Products




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