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Your business is invited to participate in SLVREC’s Co-op Connections! Signing up for the program is easy. Click here to view the SLVREC Co-op Connections page!

This program helps both the businesses SLVREC serves and co-op members. There's no cost to co-op members who use the card and no cost for businesses who choose to participate in the program.

Under the program, participating businesses offer a discount to cardholders. Discount information for participating businesses in the U.S. can be viewed on the program's national web page.


The card entitles co-op members to any discount offered to Co-op Connections® cardholders nationwide. With over 500 electric cooperatives participating, there are over 23 million Co-op Connections card holders in the U.S.  There are more than 33,000 local retail offers that accept the card for discounts on dining, apparel, hardware, automotive and more!

Contract Agreement
By signing this Contract I, as the above-named business (“Business”), agree to be a participating Co-op Connections business and will give discounts to all Co-op Connections Cardholders as noted in the Co-op Connections brochure. I can provide whatever discount I want, as long as it is something that provides a real economic value to Cardholders. I have chosen the discount described below. I will continue to offer this discount (or a better discount) for a minimum of one year, unless my local cooperative, _San Luis Valley REC__,(“Local Co-op”) terminates this Contract as provided below or Touchstone Energy Cooperatives, Inc. (“Touchstone Energy”) either terminates the Co-op Connections program or Local Co-op’s participation in the program. This Contract is effective from the day I return a signed copy until the day it is terminated as described below.
Co-op Connections Confirmation
After we receive your signed contract, we will mail your participating Co-op Connections package, which includes window and cash register stickers to display in your business helping to identify you as a participating business. Please indicate how many window stickers and cash register stickers you need.
ADDITIONAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS. This Contract is between You and Local Co-op. Neither Touchstone Energy nor any Touchstone Energy® Cooperative (“Co-op” or “Co-ops”) is liable for financial or contractual responsibilities of holders of the Co-op Connections Card (“Card”). Further, nothing in this Contract shall be construed to establish a joint venture, partnership, agency, franchise, or employment relationship among Touchstone Energy, any Co-op and Business. Neither Touchstone Energy nor any Co-op will be liable for your products or services or for any inaccuracy in your marketing materials. All Cards are the property of Touchstone Energy, and any unauthorized reproduction or misrepresentation of the Card is strictly prohibited. Your marketing materials and advertisements will not use the name, trademark, or other
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