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Budget Billing & Auto Bill Pay

Budget Billing
Budget billing allows you to even out your utility payments over the year. To participate in the budget billing program, you must have had service at your current location for at least one year. This will set the baseline for your monthly payment.

You will pay a fixed amount each month. Once a year, your account is credited or billed to reflect the difference between your payments and your use. Contact a billing representative to sign up for budget billing.

Automatic bank draft payments make paying your utility bill easy. Each month, the amount you owe will be drafted from your bank account on your due date or next business day.

Many members combine Budget Billing with AutoPay to make things easier. You'll know the amount and approximate date of the withdrawal in advance each month.

You can also set up automatic credit card payments. Under this program, your bill is automatically charged to a credit card each month. Your SLVREC statement will show you how much was charged to the card.

Contact us for directions to signup for automatic credit card payment.

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