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Capital Credits

capital creditsCapital Credits
As a cooperative, SLVREC does not operate for a profit. Rates are determined by periodic cost-of-service studies designed to evaluate the cost of doing business for each rate class served. Money collected in excess of actual expenses is retained by the cooperative as a type of operating loan. This loan from members to the cooperative provides a ready cash flow and keeps the cooperative financially stable.

Each year, the cooperative's board of directors reviews the company's financial status and determines if there is enough working capital on hand to return a portion of this "borrowed" money back to members. These capital credits are paid out to members in direct proportion to a member's use for the years in which the credits are being returned.

Members who no longer have active accounts with the cooperative, but who are entitled to receive capital credits for these years will receive a check in the mail. For more information or if you believe you are owed capital credits, contact SLVREC customer service.

SLVREC currently returns most capital credits in the form of a bill credit for members with active accounts. Members who move from the co-op's service territory are encouraged to keep a current address on file at SLVREC so a check can be mailed to you when capital credits are paid out for the years in which you received service.

If a member passes away before capital credits are paid, the cooperative will return credits to the estate of that member at a reduced rate. Contact SLVREC if you have additional questions regarding estate payouts.

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