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Board of Directors

Mission Statement


We, the San Luis Valley Rural Electric Cooperative family of employees are ACCOUNTABLE to ourselves and each other to build and maintain a culture of RESPECT and TRANSPARENCY. We honor and serve one another with HUMILITY and GRATITUDE. We LISTEN with open hearts and COMPASSION, doing whatever it takes to form and sustain trusting relationship. With unparalleled DEDICATION to our work, we commit to these core values.



Board Mission Statement

The mission of the San Luis Valley Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc. is to provide utility services with diligence, effective communication, leadership, responsiveness, and innovation that enhance the lives of our membership and surrounding communities.


Meeting Information

Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of each month. All meetings begin at 9:30 a.m. with the exception of the September evening meeting which begins at 6:00 p.m. Occasionally, SLVREC's Board of Directors changes meeting dates and times due to conflicts with other events. Please be sure to verify the meeting times and dates before making the trip to the cooperative for a board meeting.

 Our Board of Directors

SLVREC is managed by a board of seven directors:

County District No. Next Election Director
Rio Grande 1 2018 Carol Lee Dugan | Bio
Costilla 2 2016 Cole Wakasugi | Bio
Saguache 3 2017 Keenan Anderson | Bio
Alamosa 4 2016 Scott Wolfe | Bio
Conejos 5 2017 Eleanor Valdez | Bio
Mineral / Hinsdale 6 2018 Rick Inman | Bio
Member at Large 7 2019 Mike Rierson | Bio

All directors may be contacted by sending an email to and listing the director you wish to communicate with in the message subject line. 

President: Cole Wakasugi
Vice President: Carol Lee Dugan
Corporate Secretary:  Scott Wolfe
Corporate Treasurer: JoAn Waudby


Carol Lee Dugan, Rio Grande County 

Carol Lee

A San Luis Valley native with a farming and ranching heritage, Carol Lee Dugan earned her business degree from Adams State College. From 1974 to 1989, Carol Lee managed the Alpine Veterinary Hospital with her husband, Bob. Now, she helps raise cattle and works to improve our community.

In 1994 she became the director of the Carnegie Public Library and the Carnegie Library, South Fork Branch. As director, she obtained grants to renovate the main library in Monte Vista and to build a new library in South Fork. In the past years, she has secured grants for the addition of renewable energy to augment energy usage and offset utility expenses for both library locations. 

She has been active in several community organizations: Monte Vista Urban Renewal, Habitat Partnership Program, El Pomar Regional Council (board member), she attends water sub district meetings and various educational programs. Carol Lee and Bob believe in conservation and maintaining the quality of life for the Valley. In support of this belief, they placed the headquarters for their ranch in a conservation easement. Part of the ranch is located in Rio Grande County and a large portion is located in Saguache County.

Carol Lee has served on SLVREC’s Board since 2001. She has served a term as the board’s president and another as vice-president.  Carol Lee has completed a Credential Board Certification and Leadership Certified classes in which she studied economics, personnel management and utility-related laws. She actively pursues training to keep abreast of the energy business for betterment of the cooperative. 

Carol Lee is excited about “Ciello”, this fiber optic network will usher in a new era of consistently fast and reliable broadband service for the San Luis Valley.  Carol Lee would like to ask for your support in the upcoming election for director of Rio Grande County.   This will give her the opportunity to see “Ciello” service through its’ build out in the San Luis Valley. 


Cole Wakasugi, Costilla County 

Cole W

Cole Wakasugi’s grandfather settled in the Valley where he owned and operated Blanca Equipment, a tractor and implement dealership. Wakasugi’s have lived near Blanca ever since. Cole, who has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, manages Three S Ranch with his father, Rodger, and partners Jerry and Monty Smith. The ranch produces grain, potatoes and alfalfa. 

Cole and his wife of 15 years, Kim, have two children Brisha and Bradley. Cole is a trustee for the town of Blanca and he serves as a volunteer for the Blanca fire department. 

He currently serves on the Trinchera Irrigation Ditch board and the United Potato Growers of Colorado board. He believes these experiences will help him be an effective director for SLVREC. Additionally, as a Valley native, Cole believes he is an asset to the cooperative. He said, “I share the concerns of families and farmers in the Valley. I would like to help find solutions to the challenges we face.”


Keenan Anderson, Saguache County 

Keenan Anderson

Keenan Anderson is fourth-generation from right here in the San Luis Valley. He knows these lands and has worked them on his family farm for the past 12 years in his own operation. Keenan knows what it means to be committed to farming and ranching. He has welded and a raised cattle to get where he is today; he understands that hard work is the way to reach your goals.

Keenan knew he would like to be on the board of REC to represent the county of Saguache. He wants to bring what he can from the county and, of course, learn what he can from the board. Keenan believes he brings a diverse perspective that incorporates both farming and ranching. As a board member he is ready for the learning and challenges ahead, as he embarks on his journey. 



Scott Wolfe, Alamosa County

Scott Wolfe

 Scott Wolfe’s family has deep roots in the San Luis Valley. He was born and raised near Center; although, he left the Valley to attend college and to work. He attended school at Western, Adams State and Northern Arizona University. He returned to the Valley in 1991. 

Son Carson and daughter Cali keep Scott and wife Robin on their toes. Scott’s daughters, Courtney and Lindsay attend college. Scott’s mother, Kathryn, has lived in the Sargent area for over 30 years.

Scott was elected to SLVREC’s board of directors in 2004. He has attended many work sessions and classes to learn more about the electric industry. He said, “My first four years on the board were very educational to say the least!”

Prior to being elected to SLVREC’s board, Scott served on the cooperative’s board feedback committee. Additionally, he served on the Farm Fresh board for one term and he has served on the Alamosa County Weed Board. 


Eleanor Valdez, Conejos County 

Eleanor Valdez

Eleanor Valdez is a native of the San Luis Valley. She and her husband, Virgil, operate a cow-calf ranch and farm in Conejos County. 

Eleanor was appointed to complete the term of Conejos County director in 1995. In 1997, she was elected to continue serving as director. In June 2004, she was elected to serve as board president.

Eleanor has been active in many community activities and presently is a member of the Conejos Hospital Auxiliary, Republican Central Committee, Cattlewoman’s Association and St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. 

“First and foremost,” Eleanor said, “my pride and joy is my family which has grown with the additions of our children getting married and their children, our wonderful 13 grandchildren.”


Rick Inman, Mineral/Hinsdale Counties 

Rick Inman

Rick Inman has been an SLVREC director since 1997. Rick and his wife Teri live west of Creede. Their two grown children live in northern Colorado.

Reflecting back on his tenure as a director, he said, “I think we’ve come through some tough times; but, there are challenges still facing us.” He places water issues and electric rates at the top of the list. Even with several years of wholesale power rate increases, Inman still believes electricity is a good value. Inman said, “Our society has evolved. All of us use more electricity now than we did years ago. ETS has been a life saver for the cooperative and many of our members.” 

Inman speaks from experience when he talks about ETS (electric thermal storage) heat. He volunteered his home as a test site for the heaters before the ETS was offered to members. The board wanted to make sure the program could live up to its promise. Inman believes it has exceeded expectations.

As a director, Inman said the two most difficult decisions he grappled with were the replacement of the cooperative’s CEO in 2000 and the decision to upgrade the cooperative’s building. Regarding the CEO, he believes the outcome of this difficult transition has been positive. Reflecting on the decision to improve the cooperative’s facility he said, “There were many serious problems with the old building. We did the right thing. We now have a good facility that will benefit members for years to come.”


Mike Rierson, Member at Large 

Mike Rierson

Mike Rierson has served on SLVREC’s board of directors since January 1999. Prior to becoming a director, Mike served on the Board Feedback Committee for five years.

Mike and his wife Sarah have two children, Zoë and Ross. The Riersons farm near Center. 

In addition to serving on SLVREC’s board, Mike also represented SLVREC as a director of Colorado Rural Electric Association. He has served as board member and past president for Creede Repertory Theatre and as past president and current member of Center Kiwanis. He has served on the board for SLV Friends of NRA. Mike is actively involved with his community. 

Twelve years ago Mike completed the National Credential Cooperative Director Program. He believes his commitment to keeping up with the industry along with his sixteen years of experience as a board member have been helpful in dealing with the challenges that face the cooperative today.

"At this point, I'm extremely excited about the REC forming Ciello and bringing state of the art fiber optics to our community. I believe this will offer so many options individuals, families and small businesses to grow and thrive here. I would consider it an honor and priviledge to serve another term." 


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